Continū Secure Cloud

The complexities of cybersecurity and compliance are daunting for any organization, especially those under pressure to manage their cloud hosting infrastructure with the speed and agility it takes to meet the dynamic needs of a digital economy. For most IT and DevOps teams, security adds a heavy burden to managing the private, public and hybrid cloud environments where the workloads are hosted.

Continū Complete delivers a secure hosting solution featuring our proven secure managed Virtual Private Cloud. Our high-performance cloud infrastructure and it’s built-in security controls provides the utmost protection for your sensitive, regulated data. With Continū Secure Cloud, you can achieve security that goes beyond compliance with the support of a world-class Security Operations Center.



Fully managed security, built-in and instantly deployed on every cloud server.


Get audit-ready compliance to meet PCI/DSS, HIPAA/HITRUST and GDPR mandates.


Access to on demand talent to deliver single-source hosting and security support.


Turnkey infrastructure-as-a-service managed for performance, not oversubscription.