The 9 key questions for your IT decision maker before you migrate servers into the cloud

As you know, the excitement surrounding Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), also known as Cloud Hosting, has become prevalent in recent times. This excitement, or hype, is great for developing awareness of Cloud Hosting.   On the other hand, can also create inflated expectations on what’s realistic for you, what’s possible with Cloud Hosting, in your specific IT environment…. Read more »

The Future of Enterprise Cloud Growth

69% of enterprises who have specific budgets for cloud computing are expecting spending increases into 2014. This is just one of various major points outlined from a recent research study published today by The Info Pro, a service of 451 Research Group. TheInfoPro Wave 5 Cloud Computing Study is based on research completed in the first… Read more »

Cloud Hosting in Healthcare?

In the past, the healthcare industry was recognized by experts to be outside the ever expanding reach of cloud hosting, due to the robust legal, privacy and security worries that acted as barriers to cloud adoption. Fast forward to today! IT professionals in this industry can’t move fast enough to adopt cloud hosting. The adoption… Read more »

Colocation services vs. cloud hosting — which should you choose?

What’s best for your business, cloud hosting or colocation services? The quick answer…it depends. First, how do you want to implement private and hybrid cloud technology? Colocation services can be a gateway to a hosted private cloud or to a hybrid cloud that sidesteps public Internet connections. Let’s explore this topic in greater detail since… Read more »

IaaS: 7 Ways the Cloud Enhances Information Technology (IT)

Businesses striving to simplify and streamline their IT should look no further than Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS). IaaS provides scalable infrastructure for day-to-day IT needs. Businesses that take advantage of IaaS prepare to meet the next-generation challenges of MORE competition, GREATER pressures and FASTER times to market. Simultaneously, meeting the needs of today’s workers that desire… Read more »

PaaS isn’t failing — it’s becoming part of IaaS…

…PaaS’s future potential remains, but it’s up to businesses to take advantage As Network World’s Brandon Butler reported, PaaS appears to be folding into IaaS. Currently, PaaS is the least defined part of cloud computing. In other words, the strategies, features, and definitions vary widely. Furthermore, many PaaS providers are working with IaaS, or are… Read more »