Managed Security

Continuous Threat Detection And Response.

Managed SIEM with 24/7 Security Monitoring & Analysis with Actionable CyberThreat Intelligence

Managed Security – Protection at the Speed of Cloud
With new demands placed upon IT from business leaders, security teams must be able to accelerate go-to-market for their efforts to secure IT initiatives. A new security approach is required, one that speeds up security teams’ ability to deploy new protections quickly and effectively across a fluid IT environment, accelerates compliance, and greatly reduces the common challenges associated with siloed IT environments and data.

Continū delivers a managed security-as-a-service that fortifies and unifies your on-premise, cloud and hybrid IT security defenses to enable you to prevent, detect and respond to cyberthreats in real-time – and at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.


  • Unified Protection and Visibility
  • Continuous Detection and Response
  • Audit Ready Compliance
  • Swift and Scalable Deployment

Traditional MSSP vs CONTINŪ Offerings

Capabilities Traditional MSSP Continū
Technology Appliance/Hardware Cloud-delivered Agent/No Hardware
Ease of Implementation Average 45 days <2 minutes
Protection, Detection, and Response Alerting ONLY 99.999% Threats Blocked, Response Included
Average Time to Detect and Eliminate Threats 99 Days 1 Day
Visibility & Threat Management-Environments (On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid) On-Premise Only
Audit-Ready Compliance (HIPAA, HITRUST, PCI, GDPR) No
Pay for only what you use Fixed, Contract
Patching Client Owns

Security Capabilities

INTRUSION DETECTION With visibility to inbound and outbound activity at the host, Continū inspects anomalous traffic against predefined policies – detecting attacks like generic SQL injections, generic XSS attacks, DoS and generic web app effects. This service provides an agent-based Intrusion Detection System on the installed host for network traffic analysis and reporting based around policies defined by Armor.

FILE INTEGRITY MONITORING FIM is designed to monitor critical system file locations and alert when your files have changed. Monitor critical operating system (OS) files for changes that may allow threat actors to control your environment. File integrity monitoring (FIM) utilizes OS-specific policies and provides Armor log visibility to assist in reviewing security events.

MALWARE PROTECTION Continū protects your environment from harmful malware and botnets deployed to capture your data, monitor your activity or leverage your servers for illicit activity. In the event an alert is created, Continū’s threat analysts begin an in-depth investigation. Continū utilizes an enterprise-class malware protection application and deploys the application agent within the Continū Anywhere Agent.

LOG MANAGEMENT Log Management captures and documents, analyzes and reports on log events from firewalls, servers, operating system logs, and other applications to determine their validity and severity. Customers can view 30 days of logs in the Continū Management Portal and store up to 13 months of log events consistent with applicable regulatory requirements.

VULNERABILITY SCANNING Continū scans for potential points of risk to help reduce the surface area of attack. Weekly scheduled scans provide you a visible audit report to identify the vulnerabilities that attackers could use to penetrate your network, so you can develop your remediation plan.

PATCH MONITORING Patch Monitoring provides visibility into your environment to identify critical OS-level patches for resolution. Continū provides you visibility into your environment running the Continū Anywhere Agent, so you can ensure your OS is consistently up to date.

CONTINUOUS THREAT HUNTING – Proactive hunting within our data lake identifies threat actor activity not alerted to by our SIEM leveraging the research and expertise of Continū’s TRU team as well as threat intel from a variety of sources.

BRAND AND REPUTATION MONITORING – Monitors public and dark web for threat activity against our Continū customer base using a mix of automation and targeted threat research.

What makes Continū so compelling

  • Cloud-delivered
  • Scales with your Environment
  • Supports On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid IT Environments
  • Delivers Audit-ready Compliance
  • Migration-friendly

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