Security Automation


Continū IT USM enables early intrusion detection and response with built-in cloud intrusion detection, network intrusion detection (NIDS), and host intrusion detection (HIDS) systems. These tools monitor your traffic and hosts, along with user and administrator activities, looking for anomalous behaviors and known attack patterns. The built-in SIEM capability in the USM platform automatically correlates IDS data with other security information to give you complete visibility of your security posture.

Instead, you need a solution that saves you time by enabling your point solutions to work together, providing centralized orchestration of incident response actions. AlienVault® USM Anywhere™ delivers security operations automation, helping security teams work more efficiently and achieve faster threat detection and incident response.

Built on a foundation of essential security capabilities, USM Anywhere disrupts the cycle of solution-stacking with a unified approach to security and compliance management. By integrating security automation across both internal and external IT security and management technologies, USM Anywhere simplifies end-to-end security management across your entire critical infrastructure.

With a highly extensible architecture, the USM Anywhere platform enables automation that scales as new technologies and threats emerge, saving you the headache and expense of juggling more and more solutions that aren’t built to work together.

USM Anywhere provides security automation and orchestration capabilities to help resource-constrained IT teams work effectively.

Extend Your Reach with Security Orchestration from a Single Pane of Glass

  • Connect USM Anywhere with other security solutions like Cisco Umbrella and Palo Alto Networks for proactive, optimized defense
  • Easily incorporate new technologies into your security architecture with bidirectional information sharing for accelerated threat detection

Shorten the Time Between Detection and Response with Security Automation

  • Reduce the mean time to detect threats with AlienVault Threat Intelligence and USM Anywhere’s powerful threat detection capabilities
  • Prioritize threats based upon their categorization against the Cyber Kill Chain taxonomy

Take Control of Automated Incident Response

  • Orchestrate actions that align to your incident response process
  • Easily set up automated response actions based on activity you care about
  • Suppress alarms that don’t matter to your organization

Keep Your Organization Secure with a Unified Approach to Security Orchestration

  • Unify security and compliance monitoring across your on-premises and cloud environments, and your SaaS applications
  • Maintain an active and effective security posture with continuously updated threat intelligence