CompleteCloud: Cloud+MSP

Continū’s CompleteCloud Solution means your IT needs are completely covered

Our CompleteCloud is an end-to-end hosting solution utilizing the Northwest’s largest and most reliable data center grid. It is fully managed by Continū’s highly experienced support team. CompleteCloud is fully scalable and flexible, ensuring that you’ll be able to find a custom solution that not only fits your business’ needs perfectly, but helps you get the most for your IT budget. You can depend on us for all of your network, server and desktop needs.

Why businesses are choosing the cloud

In-house IT causes distraction

The traditional in-house IT business model can be a burden and distraction for many companies. It involves hiring an IT team, cross-training, purchasing equipment, managing complex projects that are sometimes outside the scope of your team’s expertise and always upgrading IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing is time and cost-efficient

Cloud computing helps businesses achieve more at lower costs, with less time and with increased security. It eliminates the need for your company to develop and maintain an internal IT department or data centers. Our CompleteCloud is an exceptional way for your company to increase networking capacity without significant investments of capital or time.

What Continū’s CompleteCloud can do for you

We provide cloud solutions that are more than a portal and email support—we bring the promise of trust, value, ease and performance.

Cost Efficiency

  • Eliminates the requirement for a team of IT engineers, programmers, server admins and end-user technicians
  • Cuts the costs of hardware and physical space to store it
  • Subscription-based model allows you to pay as you go


  • Keeps data completely secure with a network designed by specialists
  • You can access your data anytime and anywhere, even when equipment breaks down
  • Efficiently manage compliancy-based applications such as HIPAA, PCI and more


  • Delivers a Windows or Linux-based network to your nationwide office locations, desktops and employees
  • Keeps the network and applications you already use
  • You can quickly tackle new projects without hiring or training IT staff

Managed Cloud Hosting Solutions

Continū also offers managed cloud hosting options for clients who prefer to maintain their own IT environments. Learn more about our managed cloud hosting solutions.

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